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Why Does Everyone Need a MicrobeScope?

Everyone has pet microbes, and the best way to share them on Facebook is with a MicrobeScope.  All kidding aside, microbes are fascinating, and a MicrobeScope enables you to record them and share them with your cell phone camera.

The MicrobeScope Story

The MicrobeScope is a powerful and portable, fixed focus, microscope capable of resolving sub-micron features of individual bacteria and other life forms at the physical limits of optical resolution. It works great in the field, in the lab, or at home, yet it is simple enough for a child to use.  It doesn’t require any supplies like glass slides, and there are no knobs to adjust.  It can also be used with or without your cell phone camera.

The specimen is placed directly on the inverted lens, and a battery powered LED light provides the illumination.  The 800x magnification achieved by this simple device is unmatched by other small scopes.  A phone mount is included, so video can be captured on a phone.  Imagine sharing your microbes in a video chat with your friends and colleagues.

The zoom features on many cell phones can increase the magnification capability to 2,000x with near diffraction-limited performance. These videos can capture spoken descriptions, and meta-data automatically, so you will have a record of date, time and location along with your images and narration.  Our favorite feature is the slow motion capture capability.  Many microbes move at high speed, so cell phone slow motion capture enables us to see some unusual things.

See videos created with a MicrobeScope here:  Or, check out our links page.


The MicrobeScope was a successful Kickstarter project in the Spring of 2014, and the Kickstarter website is a good place to learn more about the scope because there are images, videos, FAQs and comments on that site that tell the whole MicrobeScope story.

Click here for the Kickstarter link.  Or, watch the Kickstarter video here:

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